RG500 / RG400 Low Inertia Lightweight Generator

RG500 Low Inertia Lightweight Generator kit.
Generally a 3 – 5hp increase once fitted, awesome rev pick-up
As well as the benefit from the lower inertia this kit saves 1.7kg in weight over the stock Generator System.
Makes the fitting of larger carbs much easier as gives clearance for carb #3 so no offset tilting required.
This is just a Generator system so will not work with a stock CDI. A +12v ECU such as Ignitech or Zeel would be required.
Please note that the standard gear shift linkage will not work with this item.
Comes with New Regulator which are more efficient, these allow more output at lower rpm, without the extra heat.
Supplied with instructions and a custom puller for removal.
Generator systems are manufactured to order, usually on approx 2 week lead time.

Price 600.00