At Performance Fabrications we offer specialist and dedicated 2-stroke servicing and parts, we recommend this as 2-strokes can be more unreliable than 4-strokes if not properly maintained, with the majority of 2-stroke motorcycles now aging it can be important to keep the entire motorcycle fresh to avoid any damage to the engine or other components.

We carry out the service to the original motorcycles service manual and include our own checks that we feel are necessary for aged 2-strokes.

You can find details to contact us here. Booking is required in advance so that we can order in the required parts beforehand to ensure the service is performed as optimal as possible. The motorcycle will be required in our garage for no longer than 2 days.

On EVERY service we check and/or replace:

  • Replace Engine Oil
  • Check/Replace Air Filter
  • Replace Spark plugs
  • Check Throttle Action
  • Check Steering Lock
  • Check Tyre depth and wear
  • Check Tyre Pressures
  • Adjust Idle Speed & Mixture
  • Check/Balance Carburetors
  • Check Choke Operation
  • Check/Topup Coolant
  • Check/Topup 2T Oil
  • Check Battery Charge
  • Check Instrument and Electrical Operation
  • Adjust Clutch
  • Check/Replace Brake Pads
  • Copper Slip System
  • Check/Replace Brake & Clutch Fluids
  • Inspect Lines & Linkages
  • Check Bearing & Swinging arm play
  • Check Fork Operation
  • Check/Replace Fork Oil
  • Check/Replace Drive chain
  • Adjust chain tension

We also perform a bolt torque check on all accessible nuts & bolts, administer lubrication to all required areas, and perform a road test to ensure smooth operation of the vehicle, then a quick polish, a signed check sheet and back to you!