RG500/RG400 Engine Tuning

RG500 Full Engine Tune

Tuning includes transfer and exhaust port work, changing port timings and port areas, Head work, altering compression ratio and squish, and modifying the disc valve to change intake timing.

Price - £530.00

Above price for Cylinders, Heads and Valves supplied by customer.
£300.00 labour for engine only
£400.00 labour for complete bike

Engine Gas Flow

Give your engine the edge! Full gas flow of crankcases and barrels.
NB. This service will only be undertaken on an engine which is being tuned.

Price - £355.00

Custom Cylinder Heads

RG500 heads with 'O' ring groove and removable combustion chamber. No longer a need for expensive head gaskets.
This is a service to remachine both your supplied cylinder heads.
Available for
Standard 56.00mm - 57.00mm
Big Bore 59.00mm - 60.00mm

Viton 'O' rings supplied.

Custom dome inserts can be manufactured to specific requirements.

Price - £495

Mikuni TMX35mm Carb Conversion

For the ultimate in throttle response and power. This conversion utilises new billet disc valve covers, set of 4 Mikuni carbs, crankcase inlet ports modified to match carb inlet area, carb spigot adapters.

Price - £1790.00

Clutch Modifications

Straight Cut Primary Gears - £372.00

Straight-Cut Gears Fitted to your Basket - £422.00

Straight-Cut Gears Fitted to your Basket including Inner and outer oil feed basket mod - £462.00

Carb Boring

Off-Set carburettor boring to 31.5mm diameter. Oil valve removed modified and replaced. Increase engine performance throughout the rev range.

Price - £205.00

570cc Big Bore Conversion

This conversion gives a substantial power increase throughout the rev range. Includes Piston & Ring kit, machining cylinder heads( resetting compression ratio and squish) boring and restoring port timings

Price - £650.00

Crankshaft Strip and rebuild service

Complete strip and rebuild of the two crankshafts New Main bearings, Big ends, Crank seals and Up-rated con-rods
 NB. There will be a surcharge per crank web, if crank webs are found to be out of tolerance.

Price - £680.00

Gearbox rebuilds

All Gearbox work undertaken, complete strip and rebuilds, new bearings etc

Price - £POA

Full Engine Recondition

Engine Stripped, Cleaned, Painted and reassembled using new Stainless Steel fasteners throughout.

Price - £POA