RG500 Clutch Plates & Springs

EBC CK Series
Full engine sets of friction plates only

  • Made with OEM style cork based materials
  • Stack height measured to reset clutch as new

If you need to replace worn original plates these are exactly the same technology, size and shape and drop right into your clutch basket. Plates must be oil soaked using standard drive case oil for a few hours before install to avoid heat scorching. Always replace tired clutch springs and check for wear on driven (non lined) plates

EBC SRC Series
This kit is a longer lasting clutch with higher heat resistance. Perfect for heavier sport bikes, fast riders and production based race use. Contains a complete engine set of aramid paper lined clutch plates. Each kit is measured to the perfect stack height and should only be fitted as a whole kit. Soak clutch plates in the correct quantity of manufacturer's recommended drive case oil for a few hours before installation..

It is best to fit new clutch springs at the same time as changing clutch plates due to heat fatigue of old springs.

EBC Heavy Duty Clutch Springs

  • Upgrades clutch power
  • Heat treated steels for longer life
  • Spring gauge tension measured

Premature or rapid clutch wear is often caused by tired clutch springs. Always replace springs at clutch rebuild. These premium upgrade springs reduce chance of clutch slip and the increased lever pressure is almost unnoticed by the rider.

EBC Clutch Parts