Billet Wet Clutch Kit

Billet aluminium super-hard coated racing clutch kit for the RG500

The standard clutch is prone to wearing grooves causing sticking on the plates while the thick driven plate wears a groove and deposits swarf into the gearbox and clutch. The steel plates can overheat and warp causing clutch operation problems and fade. The plates are a very loose fit causing rattle and poor operation & snatchy response.
Our spring retainers hold the spring centrally for linear operation.
Our exclusive clutch solves all these issues, operating under race conditions with much less wear, aluminium plates give up heat quickly improving the life of friction material and reducing the chance of any warping. The weight saved improves acceleration of the engine and also removes some of the gyroscopic effect of the spinning mechanism.
The aluminium plates are machined with a depth marker for half and fully worn indications. They are a perfect fit so do not get thrown off centre, this means a much smoother rotation with the mass properly centralised.
Our special fastening system allows for easy swapping of primary gears without the need for special tools and rivets.

Very easy to fit and maintain, full instructions supplied. No modification to bike or engine required. You will need to re-use some minor parts from your old assembly, such as spacers and primary gear.

Kit Contents:
Plates Driven x8
Thrust Plate
Spring Retainers x4
Spring Bolts x4
Primary Gear Bolts x3

Total weight saving on clutch nearly 1/2 a kilogram !!!!

Price £960.00