TransLogic Micro Dash

Micro Dash

This product is suitable for most sports bike applications including Race Car, Kart, ATVs and more... NOTE: Engine power modes won't be displayed on the Micro Dash. Motorcycles/cars featuring CanBus may not start or run with the original gauges removed so it's best to check with your dealer or Translogic Systems if you are unsure if your bike features CanBus. 



Micro Dash for Kawasaki Ninja 300R & 250R models 2013 onwards 

This product is suitable for Kawasaki Ninja 300R & 250R models 2013 onwards 


Universal Mounting Bracket Kit

Universal Mounting Bracket Kit (helps installation on motorcycle applications



Key Features

  • Fantastic viewing angle with stunning daytime clarity
  • Sunlight enhanced high contrast 'TN' LCD display
  • Quick glance easy read digits
  • Bar graph type RPM indicator with numerical number
  • Temperature indication
  • Large clear central gear indicator
  • Ultra Bright 7 LED shiftlight array
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • User defined backlight colour 'cool blue' or 'hotrod red'
  • 100 Lap memory
  • User defined low fuel indicator


This Micro Dash motorcycle gauge utilises the pinnacle of LCD technology culminating in the perfect contrast for daytime clarity and backlighting at night. The Micro Dash LCD gauge uses a combination of machined billet aluminium and injection moulding made from `Zytol' for superior quality and durability. This replacement gauge offers user defined `cool-blue' or `hotrod-red' backlighting, gear position indication, comprises a 7 Mega-bright LED shiftlight array for optimum rpm gear shifts, a lap timer which is operated manually by the sealed tactile waterproof button which is supplied assembled into a small CNC machined bracket suitable for handle bar or steering wheel installation. There is a large sweeping bar graph type tacho gauge rpm indicator, speedometer reading, also temperature, battery voltage, neutral selection and high beam activation and 2 input channels which are ideal for indicators. You can select between KMH or MPH configurations and there is a user defined low fuel level warning indication. An amplified electronic speed sensor is supplied with a mounting bracket, installation of the speed sensor is recommended for superior gear indication and speed readings. No other sensors are required.


The Translogic LCD Micro Dash products are universal and can be fitted to virtually any application where the original gauges do not feature CanBus. There are just 5-8 wires to connect up and the complete kit also includes a high quality electronic speed sensor and temperature sensor so there aren't any other components required. Translogic has developed a Universal Mounting Bracket Kit and some bike specific mounting brackets for popular models which can be ordered separately. This image shows the Translogic Micro Dash 3 LCD digital gauge for the Kawasaki Ninja 250R & 300R. A specific mounting plate and installation kit have been created to make the installation as simple as possible for the Kawasaki Ninja 250R & Kawasaki Ninja 300R.