Nova Performance Transmission

This is a drop in replacement for the stock RG500 transmission. This transmission solves several of the classic problems of the stock gearbox. First, it is more robust. It has been designed with strength and long lasting durability as it's foremost characteristic. High quality, high strength materials and material treatments have been employed to make this, by far, a superior transmission assembly. The material selected is SAE 4340 nickel-alloy steel. Heat treated and tempered back to Rc 34 and gas nitride hardened to a .30 mm deep case. Second, the gear ratios have been modified to provide for more consistent close ratio performance. This also corrects the steep 1st gear ratio that is a nuisance with the stock transmission. Third, the drive-lug, (drive-dog), design provides for quick, easy, rock-solid engagement. The three-on-three gear to gear design allows the drive-lugs to be large and robust even with the tapered under-cutting which prevents the transmission from "popping" out of gear. Also a common problem with the stock transmission. Finally, this transmission also has Needle Roller bearings employed as the bearing elements in all non splined gears. There is even one provided for the kickstart gear. There are also oil relief grooves in all of the required gear faces and oil passage holes in both shafts to facilitate superior bearing oiling and longer life. Gear ratios are as follows: 1st - 2.286:1 2nd - 1.750:1 3rd - 1.381:1 4th - 1.174:1 5th - 1.040:1 6th - .960:1 KS - 1.333:1

Item Price: £2100.00